There are a number of ways you can be involved with the Soil Tech Project.

The first and easiest is to register for the regular Soil Tech Project newsletter that will keep you up to date with how each development cycle is progressing, what we have learned, and let you know when the tools become available for general use.

We are also looking for people who are willing to be more hands on and join our team of ‘Ground Truthers’ who may be interviewed as part of our UX Design process and test each tool during development to give us valuable input and feedback. You may be an agronomist, a producer, or someone who manages soil in a government or research setting. Please let us know in the comments section below if you are interested in joining our team of Ground Truthers.

Finally, we will be looking for opportunities to speak about the Soil Tech Project as it progresses, to raise awareness and share what we have learned with other organisations. If you would like one of the team to speak at your event, please provide some details in the comments section when you sign up.

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